Here are our standard rates. Click on any item to see more detail.

Site Setup - $750

Design of your Amped Up web site includes up to 10 pages with colors and setup of your choice. Unlike a web company, I'll come visit and talk through the options with you, help you decide what content is important and how to arrange it. I'll set up the site and get up to 5 images by searching the web for free photos that match your desires. It is important that you collect the information you want to post and provide that to me (preferably in electronic format). Unlike many companies that inflate their monthly cost and give you free setup, this is a one time cost to set the site up. The return on investment of this format will save you plenty of money long term.

One year of web and email hosting - $120
For any Amped Up site, I'll set up one domain name ( and up to 5 standard "POP/IMAP" email accounts or "aliases" which forward to your existing account. This is an annual expense to host the site, so I'll bill you annually. Amped Up websites have no advertising, other than a small "This site was Amped Up" in the bottom corner.
Additional Pages - $50
For each additional page of content you provide for your Amped Up website, I'll set up the page and alter the navigation of the site as necessary to include it. This is true if you have additional pages while creating the site, or if you decide to add more pages later.
Dynamic Web Effects - $100

Most Amped Up dynamic web effects can be done for $100. These would include animations, java features such as this one, online forms that submit data to you via email, etc. These are usually one time charges. Some examples include:

Additional domain names or email accounts - $15

Additional domain names can be registered for you and hosted so that they work the same as your primary Amped Up website. For example, your primary web site may be, but I can also register and have it work the same way. Some people like to get the .net versions of their domain as well so that nobody else can get them.

More than 5 emails can be set up as well. As these are hosted, they are annual costs.

Tags and Search Engine Submission - $100
When you ask for Amped Up Search Engine Submission, we'll create special tags for search engine "bots" to associate terms with your page. You'll provide me with search terms that you think users will use to find you. I'll run them through some tools which identify additional terms and other similar popular searches. We'll incorporate those tags into hidden places on your page and manually submit the site to google, yahoo, and windows live. This can be done once, or we can submit the site more often.

We'll create custom packages as needed.  Discounts for Kiwanis and YLC members.